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Continuous investments in R&D aimed at offering our customers an ever-expanding range of sustainability-focused products and services have led to the creation of Fibratech, a new product derived from the waste of the tanning process, which offers high performance meeting the most stringent Automotive and Luxury specifications.

Natural leather has been part of human development for over three thousand years. The tanning of leather enhances a by-product of the food industry that, if disposed of in landfills or incinerated, would have a devastating impact on the ecology of the planet.

However, today the tanning industry globally generates more than 8 million tons per year of processing waste.

Typically, these wastes are disposed of in landfills, polluting water sources and soil and releasing over 5.2 million tons of greenhouse gases.

Having identified this problem, we began recycling processing waste and created Fibratech, an innovative alternative to leather.

Fibratech can be used in Automotive for seats, steering wheels, panels, etc.; in Furniture, Footwear, and Leather goods with any type of color, print, and finish requested by the customer.

Fibratech, not having the natural flaws typical of leather, has a cutting yield close to 90%.

It is a completely recycled product, reduces water consumption by 90% during production, and allows for 95% recycling of the used water, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint.

It is very durable yet extremely lightweight and perfectly suited to meet the lightness requirements of electric vehicles.

Thanks to its cutting efficiency and its extremely competitive and stable price, Fibratech represents an economically advantageous alternative.

Fibratech significantly reduces CO2 emissions.