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ILG invests about 2% of its annual turnover in R&D. Research is aimed at innovating processes and products, designing technologies to make the production process increasingly efficient and environmentally friendly, and continually updating the group’s information systems.

Development activities are based on the concept of creativity, which serves production to conceive finished products that stand out for their unique characteristics not only in terms of colors, prints, softness, and naturalness, but also and especially for the service provided to meet the diverse needs of clients.

ILG is committed to identifying slaughterhouses that can guarantee the quality and traceability of raw products, as well as respect for its own ethical and environmental values. The hides purchased by ILG predominantly come from Europe and South America.

The Italian Leather facility in Monopoli has been designed with the aim of meeting the specific needs of the ‘Automotive’ market. The facility is equipped with a completely autonomous production that allows for everything from raw hides to the cutting and embroidery of finished leathers.

ILG’s overall production capacity is approximately 10,000 hides per day.